A Question that Boggles My Mind


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What is being human without acting like one?

As I grow old, I have been subject to certain types of abuse. I was bullied in grade school (and sometimes humiliated because I was not good enough). In my teenage years, I have known what is it like to be alone or to be left out. Fast forward, I have known people that in spite of their background and whatever goodwill I showed them, still chose to wrong me or even judge me.

And because of this, I came up to a conclusion (which you may find debatable).


Why? Well, try to remember those people who wronged you. Did you trust them once? Most likely. Did you ever expect that they would do such malefic actions to you? Maybe yes, maybe no. Have they shown regret towards what they have done to you? Most likely no.

You see, the problem with some of us is that we never reflect on the things that we have done and what we are doing. Most of us do not like to admit our fault. We may or do not have the balls to do that.

Especially those who are just “plain evil”. Instead of owning up to their crap they would rather point fingers or even machinate just so that they would appear innocent. Again – NO BALLS to own up to their fault – WICKED as they can get.

Among all these, they would like to call themselves “human”. BEST. JOKE. EVER.

Now, I find myself not surprised if someone mistreats another. What shocks me now is when an individual shows kindness. This is because: 1. It is really a rare thing nowadays. 2. I cannot help but doubt because like others, they may have vested interest.

What is being human without acting like one? What is being human without being humane? What is being human when you are being hurtful with intent of damaging people?

I honestly do not know how to start answering these questions.

Maybe it goes like this – as there are wolves in sheep’s clothing, so are beasts wearing human flesh.  Maybe we should just put it this way.

So what’s in it for us victims of or witnesses to these people? I think it is enough that we are not like them. Moreover, it should be our goal to avoid being like them.

In the end, our actions will be reciprocated by fate and karma. They choose no one. They will make sure that every vile action is well repayed. And as the tree (along with its fruits) is larger than the seed, so is the recompense of all evil deeds to its doer.


Goodbye 2014


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Happy New Year 2015

This year have been a bit challenging. There are moments of disappointments and frustrations. But, the important thing is I have lessons which I will surely keep.


On Friendship:
I do not have to be a recluse after all. I have learned that though I had friends who I grown out of , I have friends which I can count on. They taught me these things:
1. It is okay to commit mistakes.
2. Let go of petty and negative feelings.
3. There are people who love me, and will help me at my lowest moments.

On family
No matter what happens, your family knows what is best for you. They are the ones who will defend you. And they did this recently (I won’t give more details )
I love them.

On Faith
“… sharing a common interest does not guarantee reciprocated goodwill.” -p.j.m.
I regret trusting several people this year. I even made a major decision because of the confidence I had to certain people, whom I shared the same belief with. I was wrong.
On the upside, there are still those individuals who stood up to their faith, prayed, and encouraged me.
1. Religious or not, the goodness of a person is yet to be proven.
2. It is okay to doubt and question as long as you know what you are stand is.
3. Like the prodigal son, though I have gone astray (many times), God is still willing to welcome, embrace, and to fix me.

On Love
I have met someone who I liked (Yes, people I am human xD). Though I had feelings for the said person, I did not court her. Sometimes, I feel sorry about it. But, the truths is I have a lot of growing up to do. I have to wait.

On my Abilities
I discovered my lack of self confidence have hindered me from improving myself. With practice, my skills were enhanced a bit. I was given a chance to write and sing my heart out.


I am still grateful for everything that happened in 2014, be it good or bad. Life is not supposed to be picture perfect right? So, I will just enjoy it with my family, friends, bffs, and people who supported me.

Scribblings #2 – “Cheated”


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There are many instances where I felt cheated. I watched how people stole what I ought to have. I have seen how several people conspired against me. I know I deserve to get the fruits of what I toiled for.

But looking back, I can say that those things I yearned for are not really worth the effort and such disappointment . Maybe other people needed and helplessly begged for them that the universe took pity and just threw it to their faces.

Knowing and experiencing how I have been treated unfairly gives me enough assurance of who I am – a strong person, perhaps stronger than I perceived. Maybe it is the reason why I have endured such impish machinations from them. With these in my mind, I shall continue in striving for my progress. I will surpass my current self.

-12/26/14, 12:57am



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You could have been gentler,

in your treatment of others.
Yet you chose to be cold,
it’s like you don’t have a soul.


Very disparaging
to those who are better than you,
Looking at their faults
as if you don’t have too.


Your mouth’s fondly devoted
to such imprecation,
You are always filled
with false indignation.


Let us be truthful:
no one is upright,
nor irreproachable,
We’re not gods, we are people.